Colegio John F Kennedy

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The John F. Kennedy School, the American School of Querétaro, is a private non-profit institution offering a bilingual/bicultural education from Pre-school to High School. It is a school with a 50-year history of tradition and innovation in the field of international education.

It is quite a unique institution with almost 50-year history of tradition and innovation in the field of international education. It seeks to serve motivated students and families who appreciate the special nature of the school and its programs. Together with intellectual rigor, great emphasis is placed on the importance of understanding among peoples and responsible citizenship.

The school is deeply committed to making significant, positive, and lasting contributions to the education of all students who attend. Along with maintaining a strong tradition of high quality bicultural education, the school has a commitment to innovation. It stays in the vanguard by constant reflection on best professional practice and examination of research on student learning.

Parents of the community need to understand that the education of their children is a shared responsibility. They are encouraged to actively participate in an ongoing relationship of mutual support and communication between school and home. With certification for its high-quality program from the United States, Mexico, and the International Baccalaureate Program, it is a highly attractive option for local and international families.

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Sabinos No. 272
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